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New York Limousine Service: NY Limousine: NYC Corporate Limousine Service: NYC Limos: New York City Limo
New York Limousine Service: CSL Transportation New York, Luxury Limousine service, serving Celebrity and entertianment industtry since 1982. We are your limousine service here in New York City
. Whether a stretch limo or a Sprinter limo, trust us for all of your limousine service in New York.

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CSL Transportation's staff and chauffeurs are experienced in working wth Helicopter companies and dispatchers at heliports.
Our highly trained chauffeurs are the bridge between the high quality air travel and high quality ground travel. We understand and  concerns about traffic congestions and with time constraints,  a priority in making meetings and appointments timely. Upon landing at heliports, get picked up in  CSL chauffeured executive car, van, limousine and allow us to navigater using best routes to all of your meetings and appointments. We promise our clients  tranqulity and peace of mind.

Whether you are taking a quick trip to the airport or heading to the Hamptons for the weekend, and plan to board a helicopter- let CSL drive you to the heliports.

Foggy, thunderstorms or bad weather, and helicopter not flying? CSL Transportation professonal chauffeurs are ready to make necessary adjustments to drive you to destination.

CSL Transportation is the major choice for Executive Car and Limousine services for all major helicopter carriers in New York City.  We are the experienced ground transportation service in New York when working with helicopters and heliports.

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New York Limousine Service: NY Limousine: NYC Corporate Limousine Service: NYC Limos: New York City Limo
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